“I did it!”

In the words of my youngest son – I DID IT! Finally I have got my head round how to set up this blog online and I’m up and running sharing my pick and mix of thoughts going round in my head.

Ten years ago I had a blog and I found writing and sharing my various thoughts on all sorts of topics really rewarding and it was a privilege to find that others were interested in what I had to say. But then a series of major life events happened and I found myself unable to write. My blog went silent and eventually I deleted it – something that I now regret.

Over the past two years the desire to write has returned. Various thoughts have swished round in my head and I’ve longed to pen them down and see if they resonnate with anyone else. But the busyness of life has continued to get in the way and it just hasn’t happened. Finally last July I started to set up this webpage but then got stumped by the actual process of setting it up.

And then the other week at church the amazing Heather Pocock preached in a series on Wellness on Vocation. Heather inspired me to get my act together, to get my head around the tech and start getting some words down. https://youtu.be/mVLfmoS9kbA I’d definitely reccomend checking it out.

So here it is – my first blog post. The first time round I wrote several posts before making my blog public – just to make sure that I continue – I think I might do the same again now.

If you have made your way here – do read a few posts and let me have some feedback – it will be gratefully received!!

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