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O Little Town of Bethlehem

I love Christmas Carols, singing them and hearing them. Being brought up in The Salvation Army I was playing them on a brass instrument in the streets every Saturday from a young age. There are joyful carols, triumphant carols, sad sounding carols, beautiful soul moving carols and really odd ones where you’re not quite sureContinue reading “O Little Town of Bethlehem”

Let there be light!

I was born on the 21st of June; in the northern hemisphere it’s the summer solstice and the day of the year when we get the longest period of time between the sun rising and setting and the shortest hours of darkness. It’s also the date that signals that for the next six months theContinue reading “Let there be light!”

Carrot and Stick

We’ve just joined the Covid pandemic crowd of new puppy owners. To be fair having a dog isn’t a new thing for us. Until just over two years ago we had a choccie lab called Archie. Aged thirteen and a half he died when my youngest Toby was just three weeks old. With a fifteenContinue reading “Carrot and Stick”

Nothing to fear

Since my last post on sleep, life has been pretty busy and sleep quality still lacking so getting focussed to write has not been easy. But amidst the ‘busy,’ I have been reflecting back on my conversation with Catrina Benham on her podcast REAL Conversations. If you’ve read my previous blog posts you can’t helpContinue reading “Nothing to fear”


Did you sleep well last night? It’s been a bit hot so I’m guessing perhaps not. How does that make you feel the next day? Do you cope well on less than eight hours quality sleep or does everyone around you have to give you a wide berth if you’ve had a rough night. WeContinue reading “ZZZzzzzz”

To blog or not to blog…

I was hugely privileged last week to be asked to be on Catrina Benham’s podcast REAL Conversations, where she chats with women about life and faith. One of the regular opening questions is ‘What’s New?’ I realised that much of what’s new in my life tends to revolve around my boys, for example what’s newContinue reading “To blog or not to blog…”

A Zambezi Adventure

A few years back Mike and I went on a big adventure. We’d planned on sharing our experience by doing a talk at our church and the local sailing club but somehow the busyness of life got in the way and then babies arrived and we never did it. So I thought I might tellContinue reading “A Zambezi Adventure”


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